Do’s and Don’ts of Dating an Escort


A lot of people have misconceptions about escorts, and many of them are based on misconceptions that are wrong. A lot of people think that you have to be extremely wealthy to hire an escort, or that you only use them for their physique. It was for this reason that we reached out to our network of escorts to learn more about what they had to say about what to expect while meeting an escort. These are their thoughts.

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1.    Give them Respect

Escorts are actual human beings with genuine human emotions. You can’t treat them like objects just because they’re being compensated for their time. For example, we frequently receive requests from clients asking us to don a sultry attire or get all dolled up for them. It’s rude to expect an escort to dress a certain way; we like to dress as we want. Also, you’re making it apparent that you’re only paying for her appearance, not her personality or intelligence. It’s her choice whether or not to flaunt her assets; you have no say in the matter.

2.    Put your safety first.

Be cautious even if you’re seeing an escort in a seemingly secure location, such as your hotel room. Especially when it comes to something as private as adult entertainment, no one wants to be made to feel uncomfortable. Remember that escorts are not prostitutes; they have private encounters with their clients for mutual pleasure, so be careful!

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3.    Keep your end of the bargain

If you say you’ll pay for dinner, a movie, or something else, keep your word. Escorts find it distasteful when a potential client promises something and then doesn’t keep his end of the bargain. Offer to pay up front; many escorts will refuse to go forward with a scheduled date if you are unable to pay up front as an escort suggests.


When dating escorts, the possibility of assuming they are semi-human is very high. Because of this, men tend to mishandle them. Although they might not defend themselves, the quality of services they offer to such a client is always compromised.

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