The Value of Independent Escorts in Croydon


When a Croydon escort decides to go it alone, he or she is considered independent of a company. In this instance, it is the escort who is responsible for everything. She must establish a website, promote the website, attract clients, collect cash from clients, and deal with her own client issues, among other things. There are many independent escorts in Croydon, but they are still affiliated to There are very many advantages that comes with being affiliated to an escort agency. Therefore, independent female escorts are still looking for this affiliation regardless of their strong relationship with their clients.

Services they Offer

There are very many services offered by independent escorts and some of them are listed below:

  • Threesome

There are certain customers who prefer threesomes with two females and one male. has a list of Croydon escorts who work together as a team, especially for threesome sessions. You can also expect transgenders to hook up with other transgenders, shemales to hook up with other shemales, and transvestites or crossdressers to hook up with someone who shares their lifestyle. In the past, threesome was purely performed by two ladies and a man and vice versa. However, shemales and transgenders have come to bring a difference in this industry.

  • Other Assorted Services

Independent escorts in Croydon provide a variety of sexual services, and not all escorts provide the same services. For instance, one escort may provide BDSM activities while another does not. Escorts, on the other hand, frequently offer CIM, OWO, the class intercourse, the 69 positions, GFE experience, and French kissing, to name a few. Spanking, handcuffing, fisting, rimming, adult baby, intercourse between the breasts, and depilation are some of the more extreme options. In either case, if a client does their homework, they’ll be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.


Independent escorts in Croydon are very different. There are those who are tall and attractive (Croydon BBW Escorts) and others who are slender and small. Others who aren’t BBWs but have enormous breasts, a small waist, firm buttocks, and slim legs could be found.

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